p_jeffAs a psychotherapist and former architect I’m interested in our inner and outer worlds, both the ways in which we make sense of our world and find meaning in it, and how we bring ourselves to the world and create the world we inhabit. We are always engaging in acts of creation, even if what we create sometimes bores us in its repetitions so that we don’t even think of ourselves as agents in its making. Painting is for me a chance to express in one vocabulary what I am unable to say in another, and to find something that is alive in myself in the process.

Since 2012 I’ve been working almost exclusively on paper. I enjoy it because I’m able to work much more quickly than painting on canvas.

Though my interest in composition and color remains, different application techniques allow me to play with line in new ways. Each piece is a story of its own making—the sketch of an idea transformed in its composition, something new discovered in the process of trying to salvage a piece I thought I had lost; and rarely, a work turning out right before I quite realize what I’ve done.Mostly I focus on more formal qualities while I work—line, composition, value and color—and try to find a resolution to the specific formal problems each painting presents.

My hope is that they resonate with something deeper, and evoke however slightly some aspect of the textured and layered dimensions of our experience; what we are forever trying to find words to communicate. This impulse is what inspires me to paint in the first place.